How it Works

How Community Cam Works

  1. By registering your details, the Police know you have a CCTV camera and, in the event of an investigation, they can get in touch with you if they think your CCTV system captured footage in your street. This doesn't mean the NZ Police are entitled to come into your home and take CCTV footage or have access to it. Community Cam just lets them know who owns a CCTV system to save valuable time door-knocking.
  3. Any footage you choose to release can be uploaded to this site, which is protected by an SSL certificate & password protected to ensure confidentiality.

Register Camera

Protected by a SSL Certificate to ensure your information is confidential.
Not For Profit
Community Cam was built for free and sponsored by local businesses.

Safer Communities
By registering, you're helping make the community safer and your family too.


No, NZ Police can only see what CCTV footage you choose to upload to Community Cam.

When you upload CCTV footage it gets uploaded as a password protected zip file. Only a select few NZ Police have access to the Police login section.

Yes. Once your CCTV footage has been uploaded you have the option to delete it.

If you report a crime NZ Police will provide you with a case number or event number. This number must be used when you upload the CCTV footage. Alternately Police may contact you regarding an active investigation and will supply you with an event number.

100MB. Currently accepted file types when uploading CCTV footage are mp4, avi & mov

Yes, once you are logged in to your account you can delete an address. Deleting an address will also delete any CCTV footage assigned to that address.

Yes. To verify this please contact Anton Maisey at Otahuhu Police Station on 09 259 1200 between 8.00am - 4.00pm Mon - Fri. Email Anton

Yes Community Cam is 100% not for profit. The website was built by Michelle Hohepa (a web developer) for free. Local businesses donated money for the website hosting and many local people helped with creating the logo, images & content. View sponsors

Please email if you have any technical website questions.

If you have forgotten your password for security reasons you will need to reset your password.